No matter what procedure is ultimately recommended, most treatment plans begin with duplex ultrasound, a diagnostic method that gives your surgeon ultrasound images of the path, size and blood flow of affected veins not visible with the naked eye. 

An ultra sound is a non-invasive test that uses sound waves to create images. The ultrasound provides the doctor with detailed information about your venous system. The ultrasound will show blood flow, which will demonstrate where the reflux is occurring. Your doctor can easily determine where your veins are leaking and other serious vein conditions can be ruled out.

Dr. Roberts customizes the treatment course specifically for you based on the ultrasound findings.  Once the ultrasound is complete, Dr. Roberts will recommend the most effective treatment option for you.

Benefits of diagnostic ultrasound imaging:
    * Painless diagnostic procedure to map abnormal blood flow
    * Standing position is essential for proper diagnosis
    * Procedure is performed by skilled, certified technologists
    * Diagnostic study is covered by health insurance and Medicare