Spider Veins ~ In most cases there are no symptoms of spider veins. The tiny veins appear on the surface of the skin because blood is restricted from flowing to the affected areas properly. Symptoms often occur during times of prolonged standing or sitting. Less common symptoms may include:

        * Tingling, throbbing, pressure in the limbs

        * Tiredness in the limbs

        * Itching or burning sensations on the skin

        * Cramping or aching due to decreased blood flow in the areas which the spider veins appear



Varicose Veins ~ Although many think that varicose veins are just a cosmetic issue, they are actually the result of chronic venous insufficiency.  These may produce the following symptoms:

        * A feeling of heaviness or achiness in the lower legs

        * Itching or burning sensations on the skin surrounding the varicose vein

        * Cramping or swelling in the ankles and lower legs

        * A feeling of restless legs, particularly during periods of inactivity

        * Open sores that typically appear on the inner leg just above the ankle

     If you are experiencing bleeding, blood clots or ulcers, contact us immediately as you may be       experiencing very serious symptoms.

When symptoms appear, it is time to talk to Dr. Roberts about treatment for your varicose veins. Fortunately there are many treatment options available today, many being covered by your insurance since varicose veins can lead to more severe symptoms, which allows us to customize treatment to your specific needs and symptoms. Most patients experience nearly instant relief from uncomfortable symptoms after varicose vein treatment, although it may take some time for the veins themselves to disappear completely. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, contact The Vain Clinic right away to find out how we can help you alleviate uncomfortable side effects of your varicose veins.


When to see a doctor

Veins will not get better but you may slow the progression of disease with self-help including: weight loss, exercise and compression stockings.  But if you’re concerned about how your veins look and feel, and self-care measures haven’t stopped your condition from getting worse, visit The Vain Clinic.