Transdermal Laser Treatment

Smaller spider veins in the face and legs can be treated with surface laser therapy. During the procedure, laser energy is applied to the skin’s surface directly above the spider veins. Bursts of light cause the veins to contract and the blood in them to coagulate (thicken and clot). The procedure is performed in a doctor’s office and doesn’t require anesthesia. 

The actual procedure takes 30 minutes. Laser light is applied in short, precise bursts. You may feel a slight burning or stinging sensation, much like a rubber band snapping against your skin. It’s also possible that you’ll hear a “zapping” sound. 

Following treatment, you may have some redness and swelling where the laser was applied. This will disappear in a few days, and the treated area will become bruised-looking. This discoloration gradually fades in 5 to 10 days. Ice packs and over-the-counter pain relievers can be used to reduce any pain or swelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What preparations are required before treatment?
Avoid the use of sun block or lotions on the treatment area prior to treatment. Wear loose fitting shorts.

What can I expect during the treatment?
Laser treatment of spider veins is a noninvasive procedure requiring no medications or anesthesia. Patients are fully alert throughout the treatment. Patients are expected to lie still during the treatment. Special glasses are worn to protect the eyes from potential damage from the laser beam. Sessions are 30 minutes.

Will the treatment hurt?
There may be minimal discomfort during the treatment from the laser beam passing through the skin. It may feel like a small rubber band sting but is well tolerated. Laying still may cause some discomfort, however your provider will may every effort to help you remain comfortable.

How many sessions are required?
The number of sessions depends on the severity of spider veins. 3 – 5 sessions may be required. 6 weeks are required between each session.

What is required after the procedure?
Patients are encouraged to return to normal activities after the treatment with a few restrictions:
     * Use sun block over treated areas for two weeks
     * No hot tubs or hot baths for approximately 1 week
     * Do not scratch treated areas
     * May apply 1% cortisone cream to treated areas to control itching

What can I expect after treatment?
Patients may experience some blanching or discoloration of the treated area which will go away after a few days. Some mild itching may be experienced, however it is important NOT to scratch the treated area. Treated spider veins will disappear over a period of weeks. Spider veins which do not disappear can be retreated at the next session.

Is my treatment covered by my medical insurance?
Laser treatment of spider veins is considered a cosmetic treatment and is not covered by medical insurance or Medicare.

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